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         Piwna Street


Parallel to Dluga street runs Ulica Piwna. St. Mary's Church dominates the street, which begins at the old Arsenal. The Arsenal was built by Antoni van Obberghen and although the architecture is meant to resemble the houses and apartments of the nearby streets, the building is covered in militaristic sculpture. Soldiers, weapons, exploding grenades and, most notably, the figure of Athens betray the purpose of this armoury.

Once named Ulica Jopejska, Piwna Street was home to the Jopejska brewery and a number of other shops. Many businesses catering to residents of the city, rather than tourists, are located on this street, giving the place a functionality and 'normal' look lacking on most of the other streets here. If you are looking for a high street shop or food mart, then Piwna is the place to be!

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