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To brew our beer we do not use any preservatives nor stabilisers. It is unpasteurised and unfiltered, balanced with natural carbonation, that comes from the fermentation and storing processes.


PILS – (also pilsner or pilsener) is a type of bottom-fermentation pale lager. Clear golden beer, very light, clear colour from pale to golden yellow, and a distinct hop aroma and flavour. A rich coloured bottom fermentation beer, brewed with the use of raw barley, malt  and a fragrant aromatic hop. This gives the drink distinctive features, with a pronounced hop aroma and a subtle aftertaste of barley and malt that alternates with the bitterness of hop. Contains 12.5° level of beer extract, approx. 5.3%  of alcohol per volume. Czech pilsners tend toward a lighter flavour (good examples being Pilsner Urquell and Staropramen), while those in a German style can be more bitter (particularly in the north). PILS, with its crispness, bright colouring and distinct classic bitterness, was first brewed in 1842 in Pilzno, Bohemia.
WHEAT BEER - is brewed with a large proportion of wheat in addition to malted barley. Wheat beers are usually top-fermented. Historically they are pale unfiltered and have a hazy appearance due to the type of yeast. Specialized strains of yeast are used which produce overtones of banana and clove as by-products of fermentation. The beers have a somewhat sour taste and a longer lasting foam. Contains 12.6° level of beer extract, approx. 5.4%  of alcohol per volume. It originates from the southern part of Germany where it was consumed mostly during summer as it is very refreshing.
(Our selection of beers change according to our Head Brewer's mood)

DUNKEL - is a dark German beer. Dunkel is the German word meaning dark, and dunkel beers typically range in colour from amber to dark reddish brown. They are characterized by their smooth malty flavour Dunkel, is a traditional style beer brewed in Munich and popular throughout Bavaria. Contains 13,5° level of beer extract, approx. 6.3%  of alcohol per volume. Dunkels are produced using Munich malts which give the Dunkel its colour. Other malts or flavours may also be added. Dunkels have a distinctive malty flavor. Most commonly, dunkel beers are dark lagers. Dunkels were the original style of the Bavarian villages and countryside. Lighter-coloured lagers were not common until the later part of the 19th century when technological advances made them easier to produce.
ALTBIER - is a dark, lagered, top-fermented beer that has some of the lean dryness of a lager but with fruity notes. The name Altbier, which means old beer, refers to the pre-lager brewing method of using a warm top-fermenting yeast. Over time the Alt yeast adjusted to lower temperatures, and the Alt brewers would store or lager the beer after fermentation, leading to a cleaner, crisper beer than is the norm for some other top-fermented beers such as British pale ale. Contains 12,7° level of beer extract, approx. 5,5%  of alcohol per volume. Traditionally brewed in Düsseldorf and other parts of North Rhine-Westphalia.

DARK WHEAT BEER - (Dunkelweizen) is a dark kind of wheat beer. The beer offers a great intensity of flavour that fills the mouth with clove, dark fruits and caramel. There is also a little bit of bread and cereal flavour. Balanced with a clean palate, medium carbonation. The colour is darker chestnut brown. Contains 12.8° level of beer extract, approx. 5.6% of alcohol per volume.
MARCH BEER - (Märzenbier) is a pale lager that is characterized by a medium to full body, a malty flavour and a clean dry finish. March Beers are usually fairly well carbonated. Colour should be golden to orange-amber. The beer has its origins in Bavaria, probably before the 16th century. The original Märzenbier was described as "dark brown, full-bodied". It was often kept in the cellar until late in the summer, and remaining bottles were served at the Oktoberfest. The grains we used in Märzen are: i.e. Munich and Pilsner with Bavarian aromatic Hersbrucker hops added.
Our March beer contains 13.9° level of beer extract, approx. 6.5% of alcohol per volume.

BOHEMIAN BLACK BEER - clean and refreshing dark lager that enjoys a wonderful floral hop character. It is a dark, nearly black beer that is derived most notably from the famous Czech aroma hops - Pilsen. Medium high carbonation, small bubbles, a medium small body and a dry finish.
Our Bohemian black beer contains 11.0° level of beer extract, approx. 4.5% of alcohol per volume.

BALTIC PORTER - is a dark style traditional beer from countries bordering the Baltic Sea. Derived from English porters but influenced by Russian Imperial Stouts. The name came about as a result of its popularity with street and river porters. The beer is dark reddish copper to opaque dark brown (not black). It is a beer of bottom fermentation. Porter has a rich malty sweetness with a complex blend of deep malt, dried fruit esters and alcohol and also has a prominent yet smooth schwarzbier-like roasted flavor that stops short of burnt. It is mouth-filling and very smooth. Usually contains from 18 to 22° level of beer extract and even up to 10% of alcohol per volume.

DRY STOUT - a dark beer made using roasted malt. Stouts were traditionally the generic term for the strongest or stoutest porters. Dry stout is a very dark or rich in colour beer and it often has a "roasted" or coffee-like taste. The most famous example is Guinness.  The alcoholic content and "dry" flavour of a dry stout are both characterised as light.
Our Dry Stout beer contains 12.0° level of beer extract, approx. 5% of alcohol per volume.

MILK STOUT - is a stout containing lactose (sugar derived from milk). Because lactose is unfermentable by beer yeast, it adds sweetness, body, and calories to the finished beer. Body is full with the slight flavour of coffee and roasted barlety. Milk stout was brewed in Piwna Brewery with light pilsener and wheat hops and oat flakes.
Our Milk Stout contains 14.0° level of beer extract, approx. 6.0% of alcohol per volume.

RED ALE - is a coppery red in colour, top-fermented beer. The main characteristics is its citrus aroma that originates from the hops that was added straight into the storage tank. It is malty in taste with distinct bitterness. To produce this beer we used pilsner, munich and dark caramel malts and polish hops: Marynka and Lubelski. Contains 12,2° level of beer extract, approx. 5,1%  of alcohol per volume.

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    May 18, 2013 11:00 amNapisane 7 lat temu

    hello myself and my girlfriend were in Gdansk last week and we visited your little bar more than any other venue in the town. We loved the beers so much that we kept coming back. Due to the fact of our restrictions in luggage we were unable to bring home the sixpack you offer for 45 zł. I was wondering would you be able to ship to Ireland some of these beautiful beers. Please let me know the price of packaging and postage and I will gladly send it to a PayPal account of your choosing. Thank you and thank you for a lovely time in Gdansk.
    Sean and Aleks.

    • May 21, 2013 5:14 pmNapisane 7 lat temu

      Hello, the price of packaging and postage is about 30 euro and there is no any guarantee for broken glass.
      Best Regards
      Browar Piwna


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